Quality, Low Cost, No Frills Drone Training

Finally a drone training course that is straight forward.
A no-nonsense, one course option that covers the absolute essentials and
nothing else, so we can offer you great training at a low price of £660 + VAT.

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What does the new professional drone pilot need?

You need good quality training first and foremost that makes you a safe and competent operator. Can everyone get access to that? No, the very best training comes at a price that may be out of reach of some start up businesses. Should that hold you back when you know you would like a quality product? We don’t think so. That’s why we’ve come up with a way of delivering the best training where it matters, giving you the chance to do the absolute essentials, cutting down on your initial costs. Brilliant!

We’ve teamed up with one of the top training providers in the industry, Flyby Technology. Everyone knows their reputation but not everyone can afford to access their training. That’s where EuroUSC come in. The course allows you to gain approval to operate your drone commercially by gaining your Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority as efficiently as possible with no frills. The cost of the course is just £660 +VAT.

Book yourself onto a 2-day groundschool, in one of the locations across the UK and then get superb support in completing the Operations Manual, which contains the processes and procedures that make your operation safe and compliant. You complete this in your own time and practise your skills ready for your Flight Skills Test (FST). When you think you are ready, with no time pressure, you just book in to take your Flight Skills Test. This can be on the last 2 days of any existing course that's running.

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Upgrade options

We can’t offer you the full service that Flyby Technology delivers, just the essential bits, but you may upgrade to their full product at any time before the end of groundschool by paying them the difference. You’ll then get access to their amazing support network and more in-depth modules as well as their Safety Management System. If you decide you need flight skills training, this is available by upgrading to Flyby’s Platinum Course. If this sounds like the right option for you, you can find out more about their drone training here.

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Great value

Just £660 + VAT will get you qualified to operate a drone commercially.

Quality training

All the essentials delivered by top pilots, ensuring you become a safe and competent drone pilot.

No frills

After attending the 2 day groundschool, you'll get excellent support to complete your Ops Manual and prepare yourself for your Flight Skills Test.